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Downloadable Template: Name Badges

Most people attend business events for networking purposes.

Networking is the fastest way to meet new people, build connections and increase your potential customer base. But for some, networking can be a daunting task.

Help minimize awkward introductions and spark conversation via attendee name badges!

Key information to include: first name, last name and organization affiliation.

Depending on your budget, you can get really creative and customize badges using logos, interactive features and unique shapes and materials.

We've provided a simple template here that you can print yourself using 4 x 3'' name badge holders.



1. Request guest information during the RSVP process -- Nothing's worse than a name badge with a misspelled name or incorrect affiliation.

2. Choose fonts that are easy to read and make sure that guests won't have to squint to read small print.

Pro Tip: Find the guest with the longest name and size their name as large as possible on one line.

Use the same font size for the remaining guests to ensure uniformity.

3. Use the "Mail Merge" feature in Microsoft Word to quickly create badges from an Excel data source.

4. Alphabetize name badges at registration to avoid long lines and cues.

5. Recycle and collect badges at the conclusion of the event -- It's easy on the wallet and the environment!

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